Warm, Honest, Believable

Chelsi’s voice offers the feeling of home, a friendly listening experience that brings words off the page and gives them life. She doesn’t sell products, she helps people experience moments…through words.

Voice Over:

There are few voices in the industry that have such sincere believability and range. The unique sound and flexibility of Chelsi’s voice has earned her a list of clients world wide, who continue to hire her over and over again, a testament of her professionalism and talent. From crazy animation to corporate messages delivered with gravitas - Chelsi can do it all.

Writing Ad Copy:

Words help tell a story - so make sure yours are magnetic! Chelsi knows how to tell your story using the power of words...and then turn those words into profits.

That's why she offers so much more than a content writing service. Chelsi will take a consultative approach with every client in order to flesh out the who, what, when, where, why and how by:

  • Analyzing your companies strengths and weaknesses. Finding what makes you unique/different?
  • Getting a sense of your personal brand. Are you lively and engaging? Or are you more of a gentle soul?
  • Studying the market. What are your competitors doing? How do you compare locally, regionally and internationally?
  • Re-shaping your creative stocks. Finding out what’s been done previously, and discovering how make it better?

Copywriting project include:

  • Ad copy for broadcast, non-broadcast, PSA’s, radio and tv promos
  • Scripts for company training videos
  • Website content
  • Social media content

Marketing and Branding Campaigns:

Chelsi works with many leading brands and businesses to provide innovative and effective strategies not only to achieve, but to surpass desired results. No matter the size of the business, Chelsi implements all needed resources to ensure that each clients’ goals are met with satisfaction. Chelsi represents experience, creativity and out of the box thinking with a continual drive for successful results.

Concept Development:

Communication is the key to great results! Chelsi takes the time to listen to the specific needs of each client in order to collaborate, develop and create the most effective and engaging method to deliver every message with a powerful punch!


This is the blueprint for the entire production process: finalizing script content, the marketing and branding message, conducting market research, casting, scouting for locations, storyboarding, organizing a shooting schedule, and preparing for production and any other logistics to make things run smoothly and on time.

Video and Audio Production:

After the preparations are complete, it's time to turn on the lights, start recording, and capture the action. Chelsi has worked with hundreds of clients around the world in various industries. She has used this experience to sharpening her skills and learn what works. Whatever your production needs, she has the skill set to produce the highest quality every time.

Audio and Video Editing:

As a producer, editor, video and audio engineer Chelsi understands timeframes and deadlines. However, she make the time to collaborate with each client in order to cut and arrange raw audio and video, until it has been molding it into a polished product.

On Camera Spokesperson:

Having working on both sides of the camera and microphone for many years, Chelsi is always professional, friendly and very believable. She works quickly, knows how to take direction and always brings her best to every project.

Jingle Production:

Sometimes the best way to get a message through to your client is to sing it! A catchy tune gives your brand the impact of a hammer when done correctly. Once your melody is rolling around in the heads of your audience, the music is constantly promoting your product all on it’s own.

Sound Design:

In the world of media - bad sound design is an unforgivable crime. Chelsi is constantly aware of the necessity of good sounding audio – clean sound and great mixing make for a solid foundation. Chelsi constantly searches for the best ways to improve the sound design on every project. She looks and listens to every small detail making sure the results are not just good, but Great! Chelsi uses a combination of location audio, narration, music and sound effects; balance and mastering to adjust the mix; and sweeten the sonic quality of every project.

Media Placement / Ad Buys:

It’s about strategy and the acumen behind media purchases that make them successful. Doing research before hand and knowing your audience is the best way to gain success! It’s not always about more, but it is about doing it right!